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Welcome to Kitchen N' Prep

“Nitzan is a compassionate, intuitive person that has an incredible empathic ability to help & motivate others in sorting through these bad or challenging habits we tend to fall on. She took me on a step by step approach to better understand my goals, share her nutrition knowledge, believes and help lead me to a healthier & more positive lifestyles. I’ve been her customer for over a year. I follow her guidance, buy her incredibly yummy prepared meals and fresh squeezed juices and watch my weight shedding, energy up and i wear happy attitude.” - Rita Isaak

Welcome to Kitchen N' Prep!

The heart and soul of Kitchen N' Prep is Nitzan, a Certified Nutrition Advisor and Professional Cook. Her journey to health began in 2017. She was a heavy smoker, and the opposite of an athlete. After 25 years of smoking, she finally quit. She embarked on a nutrition and fitness program, losing 35 lbs - and gaining a passion for helping others.

In additiona to being a Certified Nutrition Advisor and Professional Cook, Nitzan holds certificates in mastering the art of cooking and the vegan kitchen, as well as a certificate of culinary nutrition. She also holds Bachelor’s degrees in Education, Special Needs Education, and Art. Nitzan's mission is to make people believe that: "Everything is possible we just need to change the story"

A Healthy Lifestyle is Easier Than You Think

The key to a healthy lifestyle is changing our habits and behavioral patterns. While this can seem like a nearly impossible task, we have learned that it all begins with the story we tell ourselves.

The truth is, we are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We have so much more power than we realize to change, to get to a place where we feel healthy, strong, full of energy and vitality, and able to stand STRONG in front of any challenge life brings our way.

In-Person & Virtual Nutrition Coaching & Workshops

We offer a range of nutrition coaching services and workshops to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle! Learn healthy habits, acquire nutritional knowledge, learn how to meal prep, get the tools you need to dine out without derailing your progress, and more! We offer one-on-one nutritional coaching online and in-person, as well as health and cooking workshops in small groups.

Stock Up on Healthy, Fresh & Delicious Items - from Our Kitchen to Yours

Enjoy fresh cold-pressed juices, hand-sqeeezed nut milk, homemade granola, delicious oats and chia pudding, artfully crafted vegan cheese, soups, sauces, dressings, and more. Healthy, low- calorie, made with the highest quality ingredients, and rich with nutrients. These products can be easily added as a side of a meal, eaten as a snack, or even added to your cooking.

Improve Your Health, Improve Your LIFE!

Personal Cook Training

  • Healthy habits - A healthy way of life starts with healthy habits

  • Personalized daily menu - you can and should control what you eat

  • Acquire nutritional knowledge and understand nutritional lingo

  • Learn how to create and manage your own daily schedule

  • Weekly meal prep - how to build and prep healthy meals for an entire week

  • Ongoing daily support in establishing healthy daily habits

Health Workshops

  • Grocery shopping best practices - make healthier food buying choices

  • Shakes and juices for a healthy lifestyle

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - start your day with the right foot forward

  • Healthy desserts - indulge yourself without the guilt

  • Dining out and social dinning without giving up on healthy nutritionBreakfast is the most important meal of the day - start your day with the right foot forward

  • Healthy desserts - indulge yourself without the guilt

  • Dining out and social dinning without giving up on healthy nutrition

Cooking Workshops

  • "Clean" cooking - eat amazing food while feeding your body only healthy ingredients

  • Kids cooking - give your kids the gift of health, and establish positive habits when they are still young

  • Vegan cuisine - Cook amazing dishes everyone will rave about based on vegan ingredients

  • Veggies - Huge variety of meals based on vegetables

Contact us to get started!


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