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Choose from one of three delicious blends of our Frozen Cold Juices: 


  1. GREEN SPIRIT: Celery, kale, fennel, spinach, cabbage, apple, and pineapple
  2. POWERFUL HEALER: Carrot, orange, apple, lemon, ginger, and turmeric
  3. BEET LEMONADE: Beet, orange, ginger, and lemon


All blends are 12 oz. There is a minimum order for juices of 10.


We will also be hosting Juice Workshop classes for adults and kids, connect with us on social media for upcoming events!



  • Increasing fruit and vegetable intake as part of a whole food diet will help support your health on many different levels
  • With juicing you consume multiple servings of fruits and vegetables without even realizing it
  • Juicing is a process which extracts water and nutrients from produce and discards the fiber, without the fiber, the digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food and absorb the nutrients.
  • It makes the nutrients more readily available to the body in much larger quantities.
  • The resulting juice becomes a very concentrates source of micronutrients-vitamins, mineral, Antioxidants, and Phytochemical.


Cold Pressed Juice - Min. Order 10

  • Free pick-up from Longwood, Florida or delivery up to 5 miles from Longwood. Contact us for a delivery quote if you live outside of the 5 mile delivery area.

  • There is a minimum order amount of 10 for our cold-pressed juices. Thank you.

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